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How the GEM System is Different than a DAF

Chemical Efficiency and Chemical Mixing:

A traditional DAF unit uses a non-intrusive method of mixing chemicals, such as flocculation tubes or mixing propellers, which are traditional forms of mixing.?  Both methods attempt to uncoil the polymers into the waste stream. Both forms are not efficient because they cannot uncoil the monomer backbone of the polymers to their full extent.

In the GEM System, the chemicals are mixed in the Liquid Gas Solid Mixing Head (LSGM) as seen in the picture below:

The GEM System uses centrifugal forces to pull apart polymers without shearing them, and has a series of six heads which can vary in mixing energies. Each head can be adjusted to allow a specific mixing energy to ensure that the waste stream, application and physical chemical requirements can be met.



The result is greater chemical efficiency and more concentrated sludge. In addition, if parameters/loadings in the waste stream change in the future and the need to change chemicals arises, the ratio of energy (open to closed holes) in each of the LSGM heads can be easily adapted in order to accommodate these changes.

Difference in Aeration The GEM System injects air into 100% of the waste stream, and dissolves air into the waste stream before the floc forming process begins.?  Since the GEM System forms the floc with air already trapped inside, it produces flocs that are very buoyant, and much drier than competing products, which reduces sludge hauling costs.

This system eliminates RECIRCULATION LOOPS and AIR GRIDS in the tank which can get plugged and require maintenance.

Due to the fact that the flocs float by themselves and no air is introduced in the tank, a smaller floatation cell is required reducing overall footprint.?  This also eliminates carry?­over of non-floating flocs, and less FOG/TSS/BOD/COD transferred to discharge.

With more effective aeration and greater chemical efficiency, the GEM System is able to consistently remove suspended solids down to 10-25 ppm if needed.  

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